Wednesday, October 20, 2010

More vectors and FREE DECALS

So, I haven't sold any decals yet, and that's not surprising, they've only been on here a few days. But, in the interest of gauging...well, interest, I've added a poll to determine if my pricing is too high, no one understands how these decals work, or simply, no one gives a shit and doesn't want to buy any shitty decals.

Thanks for any responses! In the hopes of getting some better response, I'm GIVING AWAY 5 DECALS FREE.

That's right, any of the graphics I have posted so far, approximately 6"x6" in white vinyl only FREE, shipping included.

Here's how it works: The first 5 comments that end in a zero will get a decal. This means 5:20, 10:00, 9:50, you get the idea. If you are one of the comments, I'll comment on your latest post on your blog with an email address that you can send your details (which decal, address, etc). You'll get your decal in about 3 days. One win per blog.

A few things: I do reserve the right to not send you a decal for any reason, but the only reason I can think of is that you live in Madagascar and they've shut down the ports or you live somewhere else that is ridiculously expensive to ship to, unless you want to pay for me to come on vacation, i'll bring all the decals you want. I have shipped decals as far as New Zealand from the US though, so unless you live on a remote island, we should be good. Shipping will be ground, no insurance, etc.

So, on to the graphics/decals:

A skull/gun thing..

And a ghetto blaster..

I'm working on a video to explain these decals better to those who don't quite understand how they work.


  1. much love for the work on the boom box. loving it

  2. Haha "skull/gun thing" :P
    They're sweet! :D

  3. dude sweet im definitely stealin that boombox :P

  4. Decals are sweet looking, I'd have no use for them though.

  5. That him and his they in his palace burn; Following!

  6. That him and his they in his palace burn; Following!

  7. That him and his they in his palace burn; Following!